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Interior design is about home. The details, special touches and cohesive surroundings make your house the home you feel safe in and love to spend time in. I focus on bringing layered and elevated finishes into my clients’ homes that truly reflect who they are and how they live. I design with respect for my client’s aesthetic goals while incorporating their needs.

Travel, a study of art history, and lifelong obsession for interiors, architectural design, tactile materials, and antiques, connect me to interior design. My color-infused aesthetic and modern meets traditional style expresses a lifelong passion for an artfully designed home that you will truly love. My background in business consulting orients everything I do toward my client’s experience throughout the entire process.

It is always a good investment to focus on a well-lived life, and it starts with home.

Are we a match?

As your designer my work focuses on you, your likes and dislikes, needs and challenges by truly learning about your vision for your home. Imagine your designer managing the design and project execution through contractors, coordination, purchasing, delivery and installation, and with the attitude of making the possible real, and problem solving with grace.

My ideal interior design client appreciates the value of personalized, elevated and timeless design without compromising on quality and creativity. My client trusts my expertise and approaches the process with kindness, embracing a respectful and joyful collaboration. I will be my client’s staunchest advocate and treat their home and budget as if they were my own.


Ralene was such a pleasure to work with reimagining and redesigning my bedroom recently. I had a home break in that was very traumatic and caused damage to my bedroom.

I looked to Ralene to help me reimagine the space in a way that spoke to the peace and safety that I was looking for. She was able to take into account my design preferences while offering up her own unique touches. I appreciated her willingness to iterate with me to get to the right colors, furniture, textiles, and layout. Thank you, Ralene, for helping me reclaim my space. I hope we get to work on more projects (under better circumstances) soon!

Nikki B.

Ralene came into our home and immediately put me at ease with her ideas for solving our space planning and very bad furnishings problems. Her initial ideas blew us away. The results were exactly what we needed and our home is far more beautiful, bright, and functional than we could have ever done without her. We loved working with Ralene and hope to do it again some day.

Melissa D.


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