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Can I purchase items for the project?

The good news is, as a full service design firm, you do not need to make purchases. You’ve given me a budget and I will honor it. For construction or renovation projects the contractor purchases all construction related items to ensure no questions with warranty and that the correct items and quantities are ordered. Trust me, you don’t want to source the perfect tile we selected and then something goes wrong - let the contractor handle it! I purchase from an assortment of sources: trade only vendors, vintage and antique shops, retail providers and online. Even if you find something online that looks similar for less, I believe the result and the experience for you will be better when you entrust your designer with the entire process, purchasing included.

I already have a contractor or architect, will you work with them?

Yes, and please bring me into the process as early as possible. I am happy to collaborate with architecture and construction firms in the design process of major remodels or custom builds.

What is the benefit of hiring a full service design firm?

We create the vision together, then I take charge of the execution, understanding exactly how all the pieces in your project puzzle impact the next, and will execute seamlessly. I will convey that vision and the details to your contractor. In the end you have a home that reflects you and works for you.

How does shipping and delivery work? And how is it charged?

I will assemble a purchase invoice of your approved items, and once totaled, I add in a cost for shipping, receiving, storage and delivery. This cost covers shipping, freight, customs, receiving, and storage. The process of shipping and delivery includes the following services: shipping the item from the supplier to our preferred receiving warehouse, receiving the item at the loading dock, inspection of the item for quality and completeness, photographing the item, storing the item until delivery, and the delivery of the item to your home. Storage may be required depending on project timelines, number of items being ordered, and how many vendors we are ordering from. Once the items have been delivered I’ll settle the final balance on the shipping fees.

Do you photograph my home and how does that work?

I intend to photograph and document each project. The rights to photography are included in the contract. If you have concerns about having your home photographed, this does not mean I won’t take on the project, the contract will simply need to be adjusted.

How long does the design process take?

Your home is unique. Design that reflects your vision and lifestyle takes time. Project timelines are dependent on the scope of work and level of detail.

Construction and reno projects can be lengthy especially in the preconstruction and early design phase. Design and approval iterations take several weeks, and lead times on purchases must be accounted for. Ultimately this is a process that can take 3-6 months for furnishings projects and up to multiple years for custom construction.

Don’t worry, I’m here to keep your vision in focus and guide you through the process.

Can I include items that I already own into the design?

When we first meet you’ll have a chance to share any items that you would like to incorporate into the design. While I will consider all items for the space, I will be sure to tell you when existing pieces are holding back the style direction, make a suggestion to rework or refinish the piece(s) to fit the design direction, or if it simply won’t work with the new design. Existing pieces can often be re-purposed in other rooms of the home.

As the client, what is my role in the project?

The early stages of the project require the heaviest involvement from the client. You’ll complete an initial in-depth questionnaire that gives me an opportunity to deeply listen to your needs, wants, what you love, what you care about, and how you want to express yourself in your home. We will meet in person multiple times: to walk through your spaces, look at specific elements for your home at a showroom, make decisions and finalize selections. Ultimately, you’ve entrusted design - and possibly construction - professionals to take your ideas to the next level. I will look to you for concept approvals and timely feedback and decisions.

What is the designer’s role in the project?

As your designer, I manage all aspects of the project related to design, including furniture and decor. I am your expert resource and your advocate across the various trades services, architect and contractor.

What do you charge?

I charge a design fee as a flat rate by room for all phases of the process, which include: design, pre-construction, procurement (which means purchasing), and project management. I also charge a design commission for all items specified for the project.

How long will my remodel take?

Remodel timelines are dependent on contractors’ schedules and permits. Please take into account wait lists and long lead times when you reach out to a contractor. Once you have finalized a contractor for your project they can provide you with a more accurate timeline and cost.

What is your design minimum? Can we work on my home in phases?

Yes. Many projects begin with just a few rooms or spaces. My project minimum is two complete spaces.

Can I add to the scope of work?

Yes, however this will affect the project timeline and budget.


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